Teacher’s Trip

On the 25th of September, the FAO (Foreign Affairs Office) took the interested teachers to Sanyuan, a small town about one and a half hour’s drive from Xi’an. While we were there, we visited “One God’s Temple.” I am still uncertain whether it was in fact Buddhist, Confucian, or Daoist. It was certainly nice to get out of Xi’an, although only for a couple of hours, and to see a blue sky (unfortunately very rare these days!). 
Entrance. That is Linda’s father walking away in the foreground. 
Entrance to the worship hall. 
Notice the abacus framed above the doorway in addition to the intricate boards along the roof. 
Catching some zzz’s. It is still mind boggling how Chinese have a natural gift for catnapping anywhere and everywhere, and in quite unnatural or uncomfortable positions. 
Most interesting part of the trip. A chile factory. Pictured here is the stone mill grinding whole peppers into flakes. As soon as you walked inside, your nostrils were greeted with an overwhelming desire to sneeze and take cover. If you breathed a little too deeply, you felt yourself gasping for breath. As I already can’t handle too much pepper on my meal, I was quite surprised that I was not the first individual who had to step outside for air. 
Roasting chile peppers. This chile factory was a family affair, and a kind elderly lady offered all of us baozi, steamed buns filled with various ingredients. In Chinese fashion, she wouldn’t take no for an answer, and we all found ourselves eating several. She kept replenishing the plate, and telling us to “吃,吃,吃 (eat, eat, eat)!” 

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