Typical China

As I was perusing my google reader, I stumbled upon this gem. Yet another gleaming example of the utter disdain most countries have for American government.


I don’t intend for this blog to be political in any nature, but I have to put my two sense in. This is clearly an example of not only the utter disdain most countries have for American government, but American foreign policy. The Chinese are no exception; actually they are hypocritical, because while wanting to visit/live/attend university in America, at the same time they are constantly mocking most, if not all things American.

Another quintessential element of this is their ability and encouragement of copyright infringement. Although China does not adhere to any copyright laws, when foreign companies set up shop in China, it is understood that they must abide by the company’s country of origin’s copyright laws. Of course, anything that to a Westerner “is perfectly understood” doesn’t apply to Chinese, at least they think so. They are well aware of copyright laws, most companies just don’t care. There are so many Chinese versions of KFC’s, 7-11’s, Starbucks, and the most infamous Apple.

The dailymail story is a different kind of apathetic copy-cating. This one is politically charged. The message here is “don’t mess with China, or we will mess with you.” For now, it’s figuratively, but who knows?

Just some food for thought. Interesting side note: There is a newly built mall on Chang’an Nan Lu (the main road that the old campus is located on). The other day, as I passed by, I noticed an “Apple Store.” I’m not sure if it is an authorized reseller or in fact a fake. In all likelihood, it is the latter. The next time I walk by and I am going to attempt to capture a couple images. Sometimes this is hard, because a security guard will come over and tell you no. Completely unfair since Chinese take my picture all the time, without my permission.

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